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Jan Kasparec's Art Studio 109, 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver

Chester Ascending

<<   >> | Year: 2017, Size 30 inches x 44 inches read details
Oil painting - Chester Ascending
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Author`s comment:

"Chester ascending". My tribute to you Chester Bennington! Linkin Park was one of top 5 bands that I grew up with. Your music and lyrics opened eyes to people who had ears and heart to understand it. Yes brother, we are living in the "Final Masquerade" and "The Line in the Sand" has been drawn. Dance in Joy brother, your fight is not over, we`re taking it on our shoulders from here! And we shell be Victorious!!!

"I looked for a sign

With flames in my hands

A line in the sand

Between yours and mine

And it came

Like fire from below

Your greed led the call

My flag had to fall

But little did you know..."

Info about painting Chester Ascending:

Painting in categories:    Fantasy / Surreal, Portraits
Dimensions: width 30 inches, height 44 inches
Year: 2017
Painting sold
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