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On this page I would like to share my stories from travels, my observations and thoughts about things I deem important to me.

We are just raindrops


Here we are, Falling down from the sky in this brief journey we call life, a million different reflections of our universal core.


Why do I paint?


As a kid, I never asked myself that question, even thought I spent whole days painting with my cheap watercolors, occasionally switching to dry or oil pastels, then coming back to watercolors. I was in my world and time passed without notice.


ESL dilemma part 3


Shortly after my return from Argentina I felt the emptiness inside me growing. My job did not fulfill me, not even my chica and fiestas, and the constant Dublin rain and general lack of culture scene so omnipresent in Prague pissed me off to put it mildly. I missed Argentina, its sun and open horizons. I craved the dust of the road more than anything else. Not surprisingly, few weeks later, I happened to walk that street which happened to have this board advertising sale of around-the-world tick


ESL dilemma part 2


In a month-or-so time I bought a Spanish-French dictionary and launched myself into reading my first book in Spanish. If you think I opted for something simple and short you are dead wrong. The first book I read in Spanish was Lord of Rings from Tolkien. The whole freaking trilogy! Reason for my choice was not that I felt as confident as to read such a Bible after such a short time of studies, but because I was in love with that book and I already read it in Czech and French. My dad used to


ESL dilemma part 1


This is my first published blog written in English and quite honestly I am bit nervous about the outcome. Let me warn you- might you choose to read the following lines, you will most probably stop in various spots wondering what the hell I meant to say. You have to understand, I am an ESL guy. Or better said EST (English as Third language?). Not sure about that either. My linguistic background is quite complex.


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