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Jan Kasparec's Art Studio 109, 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver

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We are just raindrops


Here we are, Falling down from the sky in this brief journey we call life, a million different reflections of our universal core.


Why do I paint?


As a kid, I never asked myself that question, even thought I spent whole days painting with my cheap watercolors, occasionally switching to dry or oil pastels, then coming back to watercolors. I was in my world and time passed without notice.


ESL dilemma part 3


Shortly after my return from Argentina I felt the emptiness inside me growing. My job did not fulfill me, not even my chica and fiestas, and the constant Dublin rain and general lack of culture scene so omnipresent in Prague pissed me off to put it mildly. I missed Argentina, its sun and open horizons. I craved the dust of the road more than anything else. Not surprisingly, few weeks later, I happened to walk that street which happened to have this board advertising sale of around-the-world tick


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