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Jan Kasparec's Art Studio 109, 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver

Open Heart (Auto Portrait with author)

<<   >> | Year: 2017, Size 72 inches x 60 inches read details
Oil painting - Open Heart (Auto Portrait with author)
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Author`s comment:

I celebrated my 38th birthday this week, and in coincidence with this I finished my first auto portrait ever, in "live" size 6x5 feet (183x153cm). This painting shows the mystical experience of open heart that I tasted for the first time in my life over past few months. This has changed me forever as I realized that all I want from life at this point is to rip my heart open to unconditional love permanently, not just for few moments. Only with open heart I can be of greatest service to all humanity, and live my highest possible potential in this temporary incarnated from known as Jan Kasparec. Thank you for your love and support! Sending rays of Love to all!

Info about painting Open Heart (Auto Portrait with author):

Painting in categories:    Nature, Portraits
Dimensions: width 72 inches, height 60 inches
Year: 2017
Painting for sale: 0 $
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