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Jan Kasparec's Art Studio 109, 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver

JC is back!

<<   >> | Year: 2017, Size 24 inches x 30 inches read details
Oil painting - JC is back!
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Author`s comment:

Ok ok OK! Here we go! J.C. is back!! <3 And yeah, I imagine the story just SCREAMS for explanation...or at least a proper introduction :) Bear with me, it`ll come in its due time ;) This little private joke of mine is more than that. It`s the marking stone of me playing with creation on whole new level. One last thing- if you think that the underlying message is the one that is so obviously depicted there, then you might be up for some surprise. Go J.C. goooo!

Info about painting JC is back!:

Painting in categories:    Fantasy / Surreal, Architecture
Dimensions: width 24 inches, height 30 inches
Year: 2017
Painting for sale: 0 $
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