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Jan Kasparec's Art Studio 109, 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver

Buddha surrounded by spirits of animals

<<   >> | Year: 2014, Size 53 inches x 60 inches read details
Oil painting - Buddha surrounded by spirits of animals
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Author`s comment:

Buddha surrounded by spirits of animals, my current manifesto of spirituality and life on Earth. Oil on canvas, 53 x 64 inches, sold to private collector. An odyssey to endangered species and diversity of life. There is the legendary Elephant Satao under gentle protection of Buddha`s hand, with his huge tusks, killed in 2014 by ivory poachers. There is spirit bear female with two cubs playing in Buddha`s lap, the rarest bear on Earth only living in BC, in serious danger of extinction if plans of Enbridge Inc. to build an oil pipeline through their territory is approved by Canadian politicians. There is 29 animal spirits in total. Preserve life, Be love!

Info about painting Buddha surrounded by spirits of animals:

Painting in categories:    Fantasy / Surreal, Nature, Portraits
Dimensions: width 53 inches, height 60 inches
Year: 2014
Painting sold
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